Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Tests – RECALL

Further to a press release issued today by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency we would like to provide further information and assurances to customers of our Clear & Simple brand.

The manufacturer of our Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Test (Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech) requested a product recall of one Lot only.

The affected Lot is on our Digital 1 Test pack only, Lot No DM10220170710E, expiry date 9th January 2020. This recall does not apply to other batches of this product or our Twin pack Digital stock.

Of the estimated 58,000 of this Lot that have been distributed, it was found that very small numbers of the tests were producing inaccurate results. Due to the small number of inaccuracies and our continued quality commitment to our customers the decision was taken to recall this lot from our retailers. Affected stocks have already been removed from retail shelves and are in our warehouse awaiting destruction.

The majority of users of this Lot have received accurate results when using the tests.

All our NON-Digital Tests are produced by another manufacturer and are in no way affected by this recall.

We can assure you that all other Clear & Simple tests remain over 99% accurate as they always have been, and you can rely on results given.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience and upset that this manufacturing fault may have caused, and we are working closely with the manufacturer to ensure the accuracy of future supplies.

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